Conservation Voters Update with Stewart Clifton

The Tennessee Conservation Voters  (TCV) is an organization  which works in our Tennessee Legislature on behalf of its organizational members to achieve progress in protecting the natural environment.  Each year the Legislature considers many pieces of legislation effecting such widely diverse  topics as  park land, water quality, mass transit, hunting and fishing,  surface mining and  recycling  Some of these measures can be of great benefit, others can be harmful.  Progress can sometimes mean passing a Bill into law.  Other times,  progress means keeping something  harmful from passing.   TCV employees Stewart Clifton to be their lobbyist, and each year he spends many hours monitoring and advocating.   In this interview I sit down with Stewart and review what is predicted to be on the agenda for the coming year.

We have also provided below a link to the TCV Legislative Scorecard, which we discuss in the interview.  Please take special care in reading this Scorecard, and make sure to read the methodology of  how the scores are tabulated.  It is intended to be non partisan.




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