Interview with Monika Pretz, PhD, Staff Biologist & Pollinator Program Leader, Tennessee Environmental Council (Episode 102)

It  has now become commonplace to hear scientists  express concern for loss of habitat for wildlife.  This is true across the broad spectrum of plants and animals.  Much attention has been placed upon the decrease in population  of important pollinator species such as bees, butterflies and moths.  This loss  has been caused by many factors such as the widespread use of insecticide, but also by the loss of host plant  species upon which these pollinators rely for food and reproduction.

Our guest today, Monika Pretz, PhD is now leading a program for the Tennessee Environmental Council called “Generate Some Buzz”.  This program  is aimed at educating the general public about the important role which pollinators play in the environment and about the  mitigation of  pollinator loss through   the establishment of   wildflower gardens filled with the native plants upon which these insects rely .

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