Interview With Tennessee State Parks Legend and TRPA Fellow, Charlie Tate (Episode 93)

A quiet revolution has taken place of the past 40 years within the Tennessee State Parks. This revolution has to do with recognition that interpretive and recreation programing is an essential element of what the parks provide to citizens.  No longer is it just the occasional event or campfire program.  Today programing in the parks is uppermost in the minds of park managers.  What can we  to enhance the experience of the park visitor?

At the forefront of this revolution is our guest today Charlie Tate.  For many years the Chief of the Recreation Services Division.  Through his quiet leadership, Tennessee has developed a deserved reputation of excellence in parks programing.

Charlie  has also made a major contribution to the manner in which Tennessee State Parks manages its natural and cultural resources.  More then ever before the park system is working to identify and preserve the elements of the parks the warrant special protection.

Charlie received the prestigious Fellow Award from the Tennessee Parks and Recreation Association in 1998.

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