Interview With Undrae Johnson, TRPA President, Parks and Recreation Director Brownsville/ Haywood County Tennessee (Episode 99)

Our guest today is Undrae Johnson who is currently serving as President of the Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association (TRPA).  Undrae is the current Parks and Recreation Director for the consolidated Brownsville/Haywood County Parks and Recreation Department.  He has served in that role since May 2018.

Haywood County is presently the focal point of one of the most significant economic development projects in the history of Tennessee.  Ford Motor Co has chosen this area to locate an important new manufacturing facility with an emphasize on electric vehicles.

What has been a rather isolated small town with a majority African American population is about to double in size!  This, of course, presents significant challenges to local government leadership.

And so, we hear from Undrae about how he and his community are facing these challenges


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