Passenger Rail For Nashville and Tennessee, Allen Crosby, Southeastern Passenger Rail Initiative (Episode 89)

Nashville is among the largest cities in the USA without a connection to the AMTRAK rail network.  Once  a very robust  and thriving hub for passenger rail, Nashville lost its last rail service in 1979. The only AMTRAK service remaining  in Tennessee today is the “City of New Orleans” route which travels through Dyersburg and Memphis on its way between Chicago and  New Orleans.

The passage of President Biden’s Infrastructure Bill this year has given new life to efforts to revive passenger rail throughout America.  Recently, AMTRAK has expressed interest in  connecting  Nashville with a service to Atlanta and on through to Savannah Georgia.  And, the Tennessee Legislature has passed a Resolution  to study the prospects for passenger rail in Tennessee. Neighboring states are pursuing vigorous passenger rail programs.

We talk with Allen Crosby of the Southeastern Passenger Rail Initiative about all things passenger rail and hear about opportunities which exist for Nashville and Tennessee.

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