Radnor Lake State Park Manager Steve Ward, Invasive Exotic Plant Removal

Radnor Lake State Park is one of Tennessee’s most visited Parks.  Located within the City of Nashville it consists of more then  1000 acres. This park has become a mecca for birdwatchers and for wildlife observation.

For many years this Natural Area has had a serious problem with the dominance of  plants such as bush honeysuckle and privet hedge.  These aggressive plants with  origin outside of North America, tend to out compete native trees and wildflowers.  This results in less then ideal wildlife habitat.

We sit down with  Park Manager Steve Ward, and learn about their ongoing effort to remove Invasive Exotic Plants from this State Natural Area.

Over the past 15 years Park Staff, together with an army of volunteers, have made remarkable  progress in Invasive Plant Removal.  The hard work is showing dividends  in the reemergence of native wild flowers and in the diversity of wildlife.


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