Interview With Dr Angela Sutton, Fort Negley Descendants Project (Episode 110)

Fort Negley is a historical park in Nashville, Tennessee. Operated under the auspices of the Metro Nashville Board of Parks and Recreation, the park contains the remnants of a Civil War era Union Army fortress.  The fort was mainly constructed by black laborers, many were escaped slaves, who  had settled in an encampment surrounding the fort area.

Our guest, Dr Angela Sutton,  is a social and digital  historian affiliated with  Vanderbilt  University.  She serves as Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Research Assistant Professor in the History Department.   Dr. Sutton has involved herself with the Friends of Fort Negley and has established The Builders and Defenders Database ( which makes available the names and biographical information  of the enslaved and free Black people who built and defended the fort) as well as the Fort Negley Descendants Project, which is an oral history archive  of the descendants.


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