The Tennessee Smart Yard Program, with Amy Dunlap, Agricultural Extension Agent, University of Tennessee (Episode 111)

It is long past time that we  reexamine the traditional notion of the American Yard.

The highly manicured weed free turf grass  lawn with associated ornamental shrubs can be highly wasteful in terms of the use of energy and  water consumption.  The widespread use of herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides by homeowners  can be detrimental to the environment.  Of prominent concern is the pollution of rivers and streams by chemical and soil  runoff in  storm water.

The University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension has developed a comprehensive program to assist homeowners and property managers in making the transition to a style of  yard stewardship which is, at once, more practical and also more thoughtful environmentally. Hence, The Smart Yard!

Our guest is Amy Dunlap,  Agricultural Extension Agent ( Agriculture and Natural Resource specialist )  for Davidson County Tennessee.

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